API overview

Let's walk through core API concepts as we tackle some everyday use cases.

The Flipbase API enables access to resources like organizations, collections and videos.

Videos contain all the metadata that is necessary to playback the video using the Player application or to search and manage the video.

Collections are a structural concept that helps you to configure multiple types of videos meant for multiple use cases. Collections determine how videos can be recorded, accessed, managed and played.

Organizations are a means of structuring collections and videos. If you like you can create multiple Organizations for single customer; or if it suits your use case better you can create a single Organization for all your customers.

The User API enables you to manage a user profile and the associated organizations.

The Members API enables you to manage, add and remove users as members of an existing organization.

No matter which implementation path you choose, you always need to have a recorder_id and player_id before you implement the recorder and player applications.

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