When you want to use the API you need an api_key and an api_secret, provided by Flipbase. The api_secret will be used to generate (server side) signatures to send authenticated requests.

The Flipbase API enables access to resources like organizations, collections and videos. Authentication of the API is modeled after Amazon's signed URL framework. The API utilizes RFC 2104 and RFC 4868 compliant HMAC's.

Requests without signature will be denied.

Authenticate using JSON Web Tokens

You can use signed request to fetch a JWT token or a username/password combination. When using a signature to fetch a token, the token scope is limited to the user that is associated with the api_key.

Request using signatures (only possible when user has programmatic_access enabled)

POST /api/auth/jwt_token
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Signature e3b0c44298fc1c149afbf4c8996fb92427ae41e4649b934ca49:vWHRrjnw+QpH1DgDTrR5Lpa9vqP14toWz0X2Tdp3/Ck=

Request using email/password

POST /api/auth/jwt_token
Content-Type: application/json

  "username": "your_globally_unique_username",
  "password": "V3ry_DffcltPwd!"


  "token": eyJhbGcxtyafdsafnR5cCI6privatekpXVCJ9.eyJ1c2VyX2lkIjofesht625ve1124WFkZjg3IiwiZXhwIjoxNTM1MveXQiOjE1MzfeDd9.BFtWEFaeplZ4nGKfefeazSATL6YpDvfels
  "expires_at": 1535185487000
  "created_at": 1534926287909

Authenticate using signed requests

The Flipbase API will deny all non-authorized requests by default. You can authorize a request using the Authorization header in the following format: <FLIPBASE_API_KEY>:<Signature>

StringToSign = HTTP-Verb + "\n" +
    URI-encode( <Path> ) + "\n" +

Signature = Base64( HMAC-SHA256( <FLIPBASE_API_SECRET>, UTF-8-Encoding-Of( <StringToSign> ) ) );

Using a signature in API requests

DELETE /api/videos/<VIDEO_ID> HTTP/1.1
Date: Date
Authorization: Signature <FLIPBASE_API_KEY>:<Signature>

Using the signature with the Flipbase Player.js

Just create a signature the way you do with any API request, but append the elements you've used in the StringToSign in querystring like style to the signature. NOTE: the URI-encoded path should equal: '/api/videos/' when creating signatures to be used along with the video player.

SignatureString = 'signature=<SIGNATURE>&' +
  'api_key=<FLIPBASE_API_KEY>&' +

Add this signature to each Flipbase HTML video element on the page;

<video type="flipbase" data-video-id="786553529-a24e-22ae-cca6-891861f7895" data-signature="<SIGNATURE_STRING>"></video>

StringToSign attributes

The string to sign that is used to create the signature is build using 3 attributes: the verb, path and date

Attributes Description
HTTP-Verb Uppercase plain-text (e.g GET, POST, PUT or DELETE)
Path URI path and query parameters ((in lowercase characters only, excluding hostname)
Date The date value should be identical to the value provided in the Date or X-Flipbase-Date header. The Date is the current UTC time in ISO 8601 format (for example, 2016-08-08T09:04:29Z).


It's also possible to send these parameters along in the query instead of headers of the request.

Header Required Descriptions
Date only if X-Flipbase-Date is omitted The value of the Date header must be in one of the RFC 2616 formats. Some HTTP client libraries do not expose the ability to set the Date header for a request. If you have trouble including the value of the Date header in the headers, you can set the timestamp for the request by using an X-Flipbase-Date header instead.
X-Flipbase-Date only if Date header is omitted The value of the X-Flipbase-Date header must be in one of the RFC 2616 formats. When an X-Flipbase-Date header is present in a request, the system will ignore any Date header when computing the request signature.
Authorization yes Prepend the : string with Signature.

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