Create a signature

Flipbase needs to provide you with an api_key and an api_secret so you are able to do so. The api_secret will be used to generate (server side) signatures to send authenticated requests.

Authentication of the API is modeled after Amazon's signed URL framework. The API utilises RFC 2104 and RFC 4868 compliant HMAC's.

The Flipbase API will deny all non-authorized requests by default. You can authorize a request using the Authorization header in the following format: <api_key>:<signature>. Flipbase has provided you with an api_key, you need to generate a signature yourself for each API request you want to make.

How to authenticate?

Lets create a signature we can use to create an Organization. First: check if you have received an api_key and api_secret. For this example we have received the following (fictive) credentials:

  • api_key: 11bb3344aabb11ee22dd
  • api_secret: 99xx88yy77vv66ww55cc44ee33bb22aa11oo00ss77vv

Now, let's create the signature. We need the pseudo code below to generate a signature:

StringToSign = HTTP-Verb + "\n" +
    URI-encode( <Path> ) + "\n" +

signature = Base64( HMAC-SHA256( <api_secret>, UTF-8-Encoding-Of( <StringToSign> ) ) );

Please note, we already know from the API reference that we need to make POST request to to create an organization. As a result we can create a signature as follows:

StringToSign = "POST" + "\n" +
  URI-encode("/api/organizations") + "\n" +

// output StringToSign: "POST\n%2Fapi%2Forganizations\n2018-05-04T12:05:14.649Z"

signature = Base64( HMAC-SHA256( 11bb3344aabb11ee22dd, UTF-8-Encoding-Of( "POST\n%2Fapi%2Forganizations\n2018-05-04T12:05:14.649Z" ) ) );

// output signature: vWHRrjnw+QpH1DgDTrR5Lpa9vqP14toWz0X2Tdp3/Ck=

Send the request

Now, we have the signature, we can send the request with the Authorization header containing the signature and create an Organization:

POST /api/organizations
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Signature 11bb3344aabb11ee22dd:vWHRrjnw+QpH1DgDTrR5Lpa9vqP14toWz0X2Tdp3/Ck=

  "data": {
    "attributes": {
      "name": "Foo Bar International Ltd. (UK)",
      "description": "All videos from the UK office from Foo Bar"

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