Integrate the Flipbase player

The Player can be integrated following the same steps as the Recorder. The Player utilizes HTML5 technology, a Flash based player will be used if HTML5 video playback is not supported.

How to integrate the Player?

To show the Flipbase Player you have to integrate the code as shown below and replace the ‘playerId’ parameter with your own unique PlayerId.

    <!--  Load the JavaScript Player library in the HTML head tag of your page -->
    <script src="//" ></script>

<!-- Place the HTML video element somehwere in the body where you want to show the video -->
<video type="flipbase" data-video-id="786553529-a24e-22ae-cca6-891861f7895"></video>
<video type="flipbase" data-video-id="a24e-22ae-cca6-891861f7895-78653529"></video>

<!--  Initialize the Player and provide your 'playerId'  -->
    var videoPlayers = Flipbase.player({
      playerId: "xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxxx"

    // When one of the video players is not instantly invisible, because it is placed in a tab that is not yet visible, we need to re-render all instances.

Secure mode

When collections have enabled secure_mode all videos that are held in that collection needs to be loaded using the Flipbase player.js along with a signature property. You can read how to create this signature here. For EACH video element you need to generate a seperate signature.

    <video type="flipbase" data-video-id="786553529-a24e-22ae-cca6-891861f7895" data-signature="<SIGNATURE_VIDEO1>"></video>
    <video type="flipbase" data-video-id="a24e-22ae-cca6-891861f7895-78653529" data-signature="<SIGNATURE_VIDEO2>"></video>

Player settings

Maximum width or height (deprecated)

You are able to set the maximum height OR width (in pixels) of the Player. Please provide this setting as a number, not as a string. By default the height is 640 pixels and width is 360 pixels.

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